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Wedding Gown - We offer up to 6 months lay-a-way or special order with 50% deposit.

Bridesmaid - We offer up to 3 months lay-a-way or special order with 50% deposit.

Prom - We offer up to 3 months lay-a-way or special order with 50% deposit.

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Q: Do you charge a fee if I leave my dress at your shop?
A: No, we will gladly hold your dress at our store with no extra charge.

Q: Why should I buy my gown from an authorized bridal salon, rather than off the internet?
A: You have to BEWARE!!! You could receive a gown that is not an authentic product. You will be charged for shipping. We pay the shipping when you order from our salon. We highly recommend that when you are considering the purchase of a gown, you need to visit a full-service salon. Get the service and the quality you deserve. Please understand that when you are measured by a professional that you will need some finishing alterations once you gown has arrived.

Q: What happens if I special order a gown and Iím not happy with it?
A: It very rarely happens that a gown is ordered for a bride and she is dissatisfied. However, once we accept the gown, we as a supplier cannot send the dress back to the manufacturer and we will allow you pick another gown out of our hanging stock. We do not give refunds.

Q: How does your lay-a-way work?
A: Any purchase under $500.00 you can do a 50% deposit with 3 equal monthly payments. Any purchase over $500.00 you can do a 50% deposit with 6 equal monthly payments. Any sale items are not eligible for lay-a-way. All sale items are cash and carry. As is, with no returns.

Q: Can I take pictures while trying on gowns?
A: We do not allow you to bring cameras into the shop while trying on gowns. It takes up time in the dressing rooms while we have other customers waiting to try garments on. Also, with the popularity of social websites (facebook) we want to protect the privacy of our customers in our store; therefore, we do not allow photos to be taken while you are doing try-ons.

Q: My wedding is in one month. Can I buy a dress off the rack?
A: Sometimes you donít have enough time to special order a gown. We are continually replenishing our stock. Our gowns are not usually on the rack for long periods of time, you can buy off the rack. If the gowns have been on our racks for any length of time they are then moved over to our discount section and sold at a very reasonable price.

Q: How long does it take for a gown to come in?
A: Itís a good idea to start one year ahead. It could take up to six months for a gown to be made and delivered. You need to have time for any alterations and adjustments.

Q: How much do alterations cost?
A: We can not quote the prices for alterations. The seamstresses we deal with are trained professionals, they do charge professional prices. If you know somebody who can do alterations on your gown for you, you do have the option of taking your gown to somebody else for the adjustments.

Q: Do you give refunds?
A: No. Once the dress is ordered the manufacturer places the order into their production system ASAP; therefore, we are unable to cancel making it impossible to refund.

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